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Welcome to Molescreen Skin Cancer Clinic

Molescreen Australia is an independent skin cancer clinic with branches in Camberwell and South Melbourne. We provide skin cancer screening, diagnosis, management and referral. Our aim is to detect melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers at the earliest possible stage, resulting in more effective treatment with fewer side effects.

A skin cancer check-up at Molescreen involves skin cancer risk factor analysis and a full body skin check by a doctor, digital photography and computer analysis of abnormal or suspicious moles and skin lesions using the Molemax system, and follow-up photographs to check for changes in these spots. We can treat skin cancers and suspicious spots by surgical excision, topical creams, freezing (cryotherapy) and burning (diathermy).

Molescreen doctors are GPs who have training and qualifications in dermoscopy, skin cancer medicine and surgery. You do not need a specialist referral to visit Molescreen.


07 May 16 Winter Special 2016

Molescreen's 2016 Winter Special pricing takes effect from 1 June to 31 August. All patients aged 60 and over receive a substantial discount on skin cancer screening consultations, skin photography and procedures.

09 Sep 15 South Melbourne branch now open

Molescreen has opened a second branch, in Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.